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Told you this one would be fast.


I made my new shirt with a lightweight printed knit paired with cream interlock knit.  I began with Simplicity 4561 (which you’ve seen from me before), but I wanted to modify the pattern a bit.  I thus traced all the pieces, then got to work with my ruler and french curve.

I changed the shape of the upper front piece a bit, then added a channel to the center to stick elastic in and gather it.  I shortened and slightly altered the shape of the lower front- in the original pattern it’s gathered up the sides, and thus far longer than the back piece; I got rid of that extra length.  Finally I added contrasting bands to the bottom of the shirt, and the top back of the shirt.

Then I cut, sewed, then cut and sewed some more.  And look!  I have a new shirt, with just a few hour’s work.

The print fabric, which is awesome, came from JoAnns.  I have a tiny bit of it left and am trying to figure out if I can turn it into another shirt- but until I figure that out, I’m moving on to another quick knit shirt, this time attempting to use up more of that white interlock knit (which, for some reason, I have a large amount stashed- no clue what I ever intended to use it for.)

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  1. 06/10/2010 1:16 PM

    I like it, I like it a lot!

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