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Of Logos


I’m thinking of updating the Corvus crow, the little blocky black bird with its bright red ball which represents me across the web.  I thought I’d hand-draw something, then use GIMP to give it some simple finishing.  This is try number one:

It’s quite a bit more complex, so integrating it into banners (which have a limited size, and thus don’t always work well with that sort of detail) is proving difficult.  I’ve made a few tries thusfar.

1) For the shop, Corvus corax

Here, I overcame the detail issue by severely cropping the image, and lightening it until it’s practically a watermark.  I’m not sure if I like the look any more than my current banner.  It seems to me that logos should be simple, to make them more memorable.  Maybe this guy is just too complex?

I’m also considering adding a subheading to my shop banner, but am not sure what yet.  I was thinking something along the lines of “handmade goods for the fashionably odd” (or fantastically odd, or beautifully odd, or replace odd with strange- you get the idea), but it seems like a lot of text.  Perhaps just “For the fashionably odd”?

2) For the blog, Corvus tristis:

This one gets more text, and an attempt at shrinking the bird (who needs a name, now that I think of it) down.  What do you think?  Too busy?

I’m also considering changing the subheading:

But then, that might mean letting even more nerdom slip into the blog.  Science talk.  Science craft.  Science.

I’ve yet to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

What do you think?

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  1. Cindy G. permalink
    07/21/2010 4:43 AM

    More science is always good, especially crafty science ;)

    I do like the clean, crisp look of the old logo, but like the recognizability (if that’s even a word) of the more detailed crow. Maybe something in between? Bold black crow with white lines for the details, and maybe just the major details should be included. I’m not being very clear, but I haven’t had my coffee yet…

    • 07/22/2010 6:41 PM

      I’m working on a version with fewer details (well, slightly) and the lines delineated in white. Hopefully it’ll turn out well!

  2. 07/21/2010 6:06 PM

    I am so very in favor of SCIENCE

    • 07/22/2010 6:34 PM

      I just need to figure how how to integrate it into the whole craft thing.

      Maybe I should make some felt smallpox.

      • 07/22/2010 7:10 PM

        I would totally buy that on Etsy! (I’m a MPH candidate)

        • 07/23/2010 9:52 AM

          I want to be an MPH candidate desperately, but couldn’t continue on immediately after I graduated undergrad last August for various reasons. I figured I’d get some work experience, THEN head into grad school, but that’s not working out so far. There’s not much experience to be had in this economy.

          Some day, though! I’ve got plenty of time.

          Meanwhile: smallpox. What else? I’ve wanted to make microbes in various forms, but a lot of them aren’t that distinctive- they’re more “Ooo look, a bunch of fuzzy dots, woo!” Smallpox is pretty recognizable, though. Hmm.

  3. 07/23/2010 8:43 AM

    More science! More science! As in … “Then all the nerds did gather at the Corvus Tristus blog and it was good.”

    I like the new bird. Is that a polymer clay bead in it’s mouth? I guess I don’t have a preference on the subtitle.

    • 07/23/2010 9:58 AM

      A gathering of crafty nerds would be my absolute dream for this blog. It shall be as you say.

      As for what’s in it’s mouth… I don’t know. :D

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