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Soon-to-be-Birthday Wishes


After much poking around, I’ve eliminated enough possibilities to be fairly sure that it is my computer’s motherboard which has gone bad.  I suppose I can’t complain- it was free, after all- but it’s certainly going to slow my internet life down.  Motherboards are not the simplest components to fix or replace, nor the cheapest if quality is important.  The motherboard is the computer component I have the least amount of experience working on -I’ve replaced more CPUs than motherboards, even- so before I go and buy a new part I’m waiting on a second opinion.

Then I’ll fix it.  Mad skillz, man.

Meanwhile, what’s a craftblogger without her photoediting software to do?  It just so happens that my birthday is coming up, a bit under halfway into August, and you know, there’s just something about wishlists.  Even if I never show them to anyone, I still write them.

Imagine an Etsy birthday list, picked from the best, most beautiful, most meaningful parts of etsy- absolutely perfect gifts (for me, at least).  Fifteen items, because I couldn’t stop at ten.   Right now, at this moment, my list looks like this.


The Grey Dress by miablaz


The Muse Leather Waist Belt by ContrivedtoCharm


Ethereal Lavin by BoringSidney


M64 from stellarquilts


Lucille Brown Leather Underbust Harness by AudraJean


Tiger Lily Moccasins in Teal by darlingtonia


Celestial Rosette Fascinator by giantdwarf


Sock Garters in White with Black Leather by SWANclothing


Silver Anatomical Heart Locket by heronadornment


Ode to Absinthe Corset by labellefairy


Candy Apple Kanzashi Hair Pin by marissajoannarojas


Jade Phoenix and Dragon Pendant by bugaboobeads


Hipster Style Wonder Woman Panties by knickerocker


Vintage Wool Sanford Spats from LovelyLoveVintage


Dark Brown Vintage Granny Boots from TXVintageBootsShoes

Of course, it looks like I’ll be asking those who want to give me a gift for my birthday for motherboard donations instead (curses!), but it’s still fantastic to look.  There’s so much amazing skill on etsy!

So now it’s your turn.  It’s almost your birthday, and you want to buy (or, well, receive) handmade.  What do you want off etsy, right now?  And there’s a rule to this list: you ARE NOT allowed to look at price.  These are presents we’re talking about; you’re not allowed to know the price.  Dream big.

Meanwhile, this might keep me down for another week and a half or more, and while I can borrow James’ computer, I don’t want to hog it blogging.  Ergo, I’m considering opening up Corvus tristis to guestblogging temporarily.  If you think you have a relevant post in you- on crafting, on science, on crafting science, on geekery; a post of real quality, interesting and fresh that really shows who you are, that will make my readers love you (and thus, hopefully, get you new readers- guest post bonus!) feel free to e-mail me at with a pitch! Tutorials and techniques, deep thoughts, reviews, and other useful bits are very welcome.

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