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Option B: Sale!


First, a recap, from yesterday’s post: “If this works, I have a machine again and can get back to all my crafty loveliness.  I can also spend some birthday money on fun things.  If this doesn’t work, I will be very sad AND have to spend birthday money on more parts.”

It looks like we’re going with option b, “spend more money on more parts”.  Also “very sad”.

So here’s the deal: I want a computer again.  I want to finish my logo overhauls, I want to scan the embroidery patterns I’ve drawn for you (including a sexy pirate, because the world could always use more of those), I want to blog my sewing and my embroidery and my kanzashi and the latest incarnation of the octopus project.  I want to get back to work.

But first, I’m going to need to spend some money.

It is thus time for a sale!  The I-Need-Computer-Parts sale, which goes from August 19 to August 27 (next Friday), gives you free shipping on ALL items from the Corvus corax shop.

So if you’re needing some unique handmade buttons

…or perhaps shiny beauties for your hair

…or even some uncommon jewellery

…this is your time, baby.

But wait, there’s more!  Promote my sale in your blog, on a forum, on twitter or facebook -mention me ANYWHERE on the web- and I’ll make sure to include an extra surprise gift in your order!  Just leave a link to your mention in the “message to seller” field while you’re checking out!

*  *  *  *

So, in review: computer is broken, therefore sale.

A: Free shipping on all orders until August 27.

B: If you buy yourself a little package of Corvus awesome, mention this sale anywhere on the web and leave me a link to your mention in the “message to seller” box, and I’ll include a surprise gift!


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