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Come day, go day.


Just another day on the farm.  Loki and the turkeys frequently share moments like this.  While the screen separates them, each is sure they are the superior beast, each sure that if it weren’t for the great chasm between “outside” and “inside” they would come out on top of the inevitable furry, feathery clash.

I know the truth: if there weren’t a window screen between them, Loki would be high-tailing it for the hills.  Those birds are terrifying.  Trust me, I know.

I, unsurprisingly, have been crafting.  I finally finished my kanzashi!

I love those buttons.  I love the petals.  I love all of it.  I particularly love that top light blue one, with its deep red button and light teal center.  I just don’t know what to do with it, or indeed with any of them.  I’ve got lots of options hanging around:

I suppose that means they’re not really finished, eh?  Damn.  That’s one less thing I can cross off my list.

Suddenly a kanzashi party sounds like a lot of fun.  Everyone could bring a few fat quarters and their own buttons, maybe a bit of a potluck dinner (or just desserts!), maybe some good drinks.  We’d all pile around the round table in my tiny kitchen, dragging chairs in from who knows where, and I’d give some quick tutorials on petals (the iron would be set up on the counter, over by the microwave), then we’d eat and drink and laugh and make flowers until the sun rose!

Except, I don’t really know anyone in this town.  I am, you may recall, a relatively new addition to the Greeley community.  Hmm.  Hey, northern Colorado-ers!  Let’s make some flowers!

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