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Yet another boring tech update.


So first, my motherboard died.  I bought a new one (insert shipping time here), only to discover that my case was in no way, shape or form capable of supporting a motherboard other than the one it came with.  Ditto with the CPU heatsink.  So I bought a heatsink and a new case, waited for them to ship, only to discover that, of my two power supplies, the one that fit was dead and the one that worked didn’t fit.  Oh, and also my RAID card won’t fit in the new case.

That’s okay.  I don’t need to run in RAID.  I do, however, need to recover data off four hard drives which come up as not formatted, then reinstall loads of software.  This is what I’m doing today, over a month after my computer initially failed.  Mechanic-ing, be it computer or car, is an exercise in patience.

This brings us to the sale.  I’m extending it!  The sale will continue until I recover all my data (today), get the new machine up and running (conservatively tomorrow), and post a whole bunch of new items to Etsy in celebration (we’ll call that Monday).   Then I’ll be back in this blogging/computing/participating reliably as a modern member of a technological society game.

This assumes, of course, that nothing else goes wrong.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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