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Other People’s Embroidery (Mostly)


Giddy99 finshed her awesome bit of tentacular stitchery:



The use of running stitch stuns me.  It’s such a fantastic way to fill space while also adding movement!  As a shockingly amateur embroider-er, I could only dream of stitching something this wonderfully executed… at this point.


The tentacle pattern is here, of course, should you want to try it yourself.


And look!  An embroidered anatomical heart, from midsummermuse:


Nicely done on the accurate colors.  The anatomical heart pattern can be found here.


I’ve done a little embroidery myself, you know.


But looking at the talented stitchers above, I feel like I have a little catching up to do.

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  1. giddy permalink
    10/14/2010 8:12 AM

    Wow, thanks for the kind words! And I love the stitched shirt! :)

    • 10/14/2010 12:22 PM

      No, thank you! Your work has brought all sorts of attention to my little corner of the internet.


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