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On Unusual Yarn


Sari Silk Yarn is a cacophony of bright colors spun from the fibers of recycled saris.  It’s beautiful in ball/skein form, but though I’ve had a ball in my stash for ages, I’ve had trouble figuring out what to knit up.  After much Ravelry browsing, I settled on a bias knit scarf.



I can’t decide if it’s a beautiful riot of color, or if it looks like a clown threw up.


It doesn’t help that the texture of the yarn changed dramatically halfway through the ball, from a thick, bright yarn with a little bit of fuzz here and there to, well, fun fur.  Observe:



It’s not even a gradual transition.   On the left, there are well-defined, fat stitches.   On the right, there’s mad fuzziness.


So yes.  Beautiful, or clown vomit?



I’ve thrown it in a drawer until I’m sure.


Meanwhile, I’ve begun my first sock!



It is sock one of Monkey, and it feels good to be knitting again.  Still, it comes with a little guilt.  Does any other jack-of-all-trades crafter feel that way?  When I’m knitting, I feel bad about the embroidery project languishing beside me; when I’m embroidering, my mind is on the dress sitting half-sewn in the back room.  There’s not enough crafting hours in the day.


Also, I can’t find my drawing pens.  There’s always something I can’t find.

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  1. 10/17/2010 9:30 AM

    first visit to your blog! will subscribe to the rss feed…
    I like the colours of the scarf, though not too hot on the texture change — like you, I would think on it for awhile — or maybe you know a daring person who would look great with this scarf?

  2. 10/17/2010 11:47 AM

    I can totally relate–I also have a sense of guilt while working on one craft and thinking about the others I “ought” to work on or finish. I’m trying to teach myself to let the guilt go!

    I had been wondering about that sari yarn, too. The wound ball kind of calls to me but I could never envision it knit up into anything. I think that the other commenter was right, it could look great on someone who is very confident and loves lots of color.


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