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Inspiration- HALP!


My well runneth dry.  My blank sheets of papers, they remain blank.  My inspiration has gone from flagging to pushing dasies.  I just don’t know what to draw!

I’m sure I’ll get more embroidery ideas eventually, but this does make me think to ask: what would you like to embroider?  What theme or idea or specific sort of image have you always wished you had a pattern for?  What would make you laugh or smile or show your friends or, better yet, pick up a needle and get stitching?

Inspire me!

How about an extra, blog-only incentive: buy something from the shop and leave an idea for an embroidery pattern in the comment form, and I’ll include some extra gifts in your package as a thank-you!

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  1. 10/21/2010 2:55 PM

    Your store isn’t coming up :(

    Dinosaurs, origami, birds, sea life(otters, seals, sharks, squid, crab, narwal, whale, kelp) robots, shells, finger prints, yard critters, circuitry, Victorian dresses or dresses with crinoline support, Austrian empress Sisi or royalty in history
    those are some things i’m dying to find. your nautical drawings so far have been amazing. I also liked the small pox idea.

  2. Cindy G. permalink
    10/21/2010 3:53 PM

    It’s funny (but maybe only to me), but I just saw a coloring page that had a snake on it that looked an awful lot like a sperm, which made my brain leap to an image of an egg being swarmed by sperm. They give the egg such a lovely, albeit temporary, fringe-y appearance. Maybe you could do something with cells dividing… Or a paramecium (and they’re almost paisley shaped), or planaria (I think planaria are kind of cute with their big “eyes” and two-headed ability).

    • 11/01/2010 4:20 PM

      I have a strange aversion to planaria due to a lab where I was supposed to cut them in half, lengthwise, with a razor blade to exacting specificity. Do you know how hard it is to cut something in half with precision when it’s barely larger than the blade, slimy, and keeps moving!?

      Ahh, undergraduate nightmares. Don’t mind me!

      I do need to do more microscopic/biological work. It’s such a lovely world down on that level.

      • Cindy G. permalink
        11/11/2010 9:17 AM

        Did that lab myself! It was still better than bifurcating a rat liver… I had to be the nurse and not the surgeon on that one…ick…

        How about patterns of more germs? I love the plush viruses and germs that are available, and a set of embroidery patterns for the cold germ, flu virus, plague, etc. could be fun, especially when you fancy them up!

        • 11/11/2010 5:56 PM

          Now you’re speaking my language- I am a HUGE disease nerd. I actually have a few Cholera sketches, but thought I’d put those on hold in light of the current roaring outbreak in Haiti.

          A lot of the more interesting diseases just aren’t that interesting to look at. Ebola looks like spaghetti. All the streptococci look, well, like cocci. Hmm. This is a design challenge.

  3. 10/22/2010 5:23 PM

    I’d love to see more physics- or math-related patterns available. Some of the patterns from graphing or otherwise demonstrating physics and mathematics principles are just gorgeous.

    • 11/01/2010 4:21 PM

      I’ll have to do some googling for that one- I’m more on the biological sciences side of the spectrum. Thank you!

  4. tea_cake29 permalink
    02/05/2011 6:55 PM

    I just discovered your free patterns having recently picked up embroidery myself. I can picture things I would love to stitch but unfortunately have zero talent for drawing. I would love to stitch a storm in a teacup…

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