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What to do now?


I’m at the point where, when it comes to craftiness, I’m more ideas than substance. This happens to me periodically, particularly when time gets squeezed. Then when I actually do have time to craft, I have so many ideas clamoring around in my gray matter, shrilly screaming “Pick me, pick me!” that I’m more likely to go “Screw all of you!” and go bum around on the internet than I am to actually sit down and craft.

Anyone else like that?  It’s like I’ll feel like I’m neglecting all my other projects if I pick up any particular one… so why not just neglect them all!

This, right now?  This is me bumming around on the internet.  But it’s more than that, because you and I are going to come up with a plan.  We’re going to get some work done.  Right here, right now I’m going to sit down and organize this chaos.  Every time I have free time I find that I don’t know where to start… so I’m making a list.

The List

(Dun dun DUUUUNNN!)

1) Embroidered Wonder Woman Shirt.  Yes, I’m still working on this one.  Just… not as much as I should.  Ouch, there goes that craft-neglect guilt.

2) Amelia Snow Hat (from the Headhuggers pattern here).  This one’s selfish knitting.  I’m making it in a nice off-white, and plan to add i-cord and pom poms to the corners, then wear it all over this winter. It’s probably what I’ve got the most work done on in the past few days.

3) My Monkey Socks.

4) My Razor Tank.  I think I blogged it, but I can’t seem to find it… hmm.  Anyway, I haven’t touched it in months, since I screwed up most of a row and haven’t had the heart (or more correctly, the courage) to tink back since.

5) Grey Knit Wrap Dress, out of a very cute paisley-ish jersey.  For me.  I’m excited about how cute this one will be.

6) Green Gauze Knit Wrap Shirt, using the same pattern as above, for my Mom for Christmas.  Last time I checked, she doesn’t read this blog, so it’s safe to mention.  I’m waiting on the fabric to arrive, however, and can’t start on this one right away.

7) Gift 1 for James.  Last I checked, he does (occasionally) drop by my little corner of the internet, and so I can’t say more about what it is. Can’t start it right away either, alas.

8) Gift 2 for James.  Bwa ha ha, James.  That’s all the hints you’re getting out of me.  I’m further constrained on these two projects because I can only work on them when he isn’t around… so we’ll see.

9) Hand sculpted Polymer Clay ornament for a Christmas gift.

10) Hoodie Dress Reconstruction.  I think I have a lovely idea, but first I need to find the right hoodie at the thrift store.

11) French Press Slippers, for Christmas Presents for… someone.

12) Snow Devil hat.  Selfish knitting again- the encroaching winter has made me want bunches of hats.

13) Reconstructed Men’s Flannel Shirt Dress.

Not that I’m going to follow this list exactly, but you’d be surprised how much of a motivator crossing something off said list is.  At least, for me.  I have an, erm, problem with lists though (I once caught myself writing a list of lists to write!), so your mileage may vary.

Also a roadblock: these are the things I’ll have to find before I can do half the things on the list.  One, my freaking knitting needles.  Two, my pencil sharpener.  Three, my marbles.

And what’s on your creative to-do list?

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