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Grosgrain’s Embellished Knit Month


We just established that I’ve got a lot on my crafting plate right now.  We’ve established that I’ve got more projects lined up than I know how to handle, and no space for anything new.  So how is it that I’ve made it through the last month, when one of my favorite blogs has been posting project after inspired (and inspiring) project practically EVERY DAY for the entirety of November, without going craft mad?


The fabulous Grosgrain (who, if you sew, you SHOULD be following- trust me) has been having Embellished Knit Month, giving out tons of ideas for how to transform frumpy thriftstore sweaters into absolute treasures.  Every design she posts I love more than the last and now that she’s wrapping up I find myself compelled to make a list of my favorites, so that I can revisit them when I have a bit more creative breathing room.

Let’s get started with all this deliciousness, shall we?



Day 2’s Knit was a military-eque jacket with trim and frog closures.  I adore the frog closures, and want to make this sweater with an even stronger leaning towards military formality.



Day 4’s knit centered around a giant Dalia pen that I must replicate in my own color scheme.  Seriously, it’s gorgeous.




Day 9’s knit once again features a flower pin, as well as flowing ruffles which are feminine without being overwhelming.  I tend to get overwhelmed by ruffles easily, and run away, but this one just looks so cozy.


Also: two of my picks have featured giant flower pins.  Perhaps this is a clue.



The knit for Day 12 has frog closures (also a clue) and another interesting deployment of ruffles.  The color is just perfect, too.



On Day 17 the sweater was fantastically whimsical, with the addition of a Peter Pan collar and embroidered and felt embellishments.  I want a blue one with an octopus crawling around.



Day 20’s knit is perfection.  The ric-rac trem is perfect. The bow at the neck is perfect. The flowers? Also perfect.  I want it just as it is.



And Day 21’s knit just looks so sophisticated to me that I must have it.  I must have it as soon as I have time to make it.


So there’s my not-so-distant-future to-do list gaining a whole pile of entries.  Ahh, internet: source of so much inspiration, suck of so much time to carry out that inspiration.

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  1. Darcy permalink
    12/04/2010 10:54 AM

    I really like the Dalia pen too! I know you can figure out how to make it on your own but a while back i found this DIY on how to make one ^_^

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