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Top 10? Also: My Largest Resolution


It occurred to me that I could do a year-in-review pretty easily by singling out my top ten posts, so far as hits were concerned.  What fantastic blog fodder, I thought!  Useful, connected, and easy to do in this season of so few free hours!


Then I realized that just about EVERY ONE of my top ten posts were embroidery patterns.  You guys really like those things, don’t you?  And so, I figured I should just link to the whole dang category (because that pretty much covers ALL my top posts), and I’d tell you MY favorite ten embroidery patterns which I’ve drawn so far.


Except I don’t have all that many embroidery patterns, so let’s make it favorite 5.


So here is the embroidery patterns category on my blog, should you be so inclined to browse yourself.


And here’s my top five favorites (in no particular order):



The From the Depths pattern, from the Cephalopodia post, has gotten a lot of (deserved, I think) attention this year, even though it’s one of the oldest patterns in the lot.  I even made a fabric version of it, a large border print which can be purchased from  I love it, and have always wanted to embroider it as a back piece on a hoodie of some kind (though that would require I figure out embroidering on knits).



My love for anatomy knows no bounds, so of course I still love the heart I posted as a Valentine’s gift to you all.



As RenFair started this year I posted a dragon, and it’s certainly one I’d like to come back to some day myself.  I just don’t know what I’d put it on.  Dragons were really what started me on drawing as a personal hobby, way back in elementary school.



When a study on the structure of skulls in Triceratops and Torosaurus came out declaring these two mighty beasties of prehistory were, in fact, one mighty beastie at different stages of life, I had to draw it.  Because I am just that nerdy.  And I still love this pattern: I think it manages to be stylish and beautiful while also being all sorts of geeky, which is just how I like things.


I thought that, with this pattern, I had certainly taken things a little too far.  I mean, who else would want to embroider Smallpox on their things, much less Smallpox-as-paisley?  The response was fantastic and encouraging, however, and it was that more than anything else that really began to convince me there was a place for my odd doodles in the embroidery pattern market.


And this brings me to an announcement: I’ve decided that, as 2010 rolls out and 2011 looms, my New Year’s resolution is to start this pattern company I keep moaning about.  It won’t happen right away (first stages: massive research and contacting potential printers, like this one), but I am going to stop toying with the idea and move forward with realizing it, and you all have and will continue to be essential to the project.  With your input and your support I’ll start the best little company selling beautifully weird and nerdtastic patterns around.


And, of course, I will continue pumping out a stack of free patterns on this here blog.  After all, they do make up sixteen of my top twenty most popular posts.


That’s my five favorites, and my goal for the year.  What are yours?

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  1. 01/01/2011 6:06 AM

    Wow, that is one awesome goal and I am sure it will go swell for you if you market it well and put effort into your goal! Congratulations on being able to articulate that goal and make it a priority.

    My favorite of yours is the heart, I have it printed out but still not an embroidery. There is so much in the way all the time… Stuff.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. 01/22/2011 4:27 PM

    Just wanted to say thanks for the patterns. Love “From the Depths” the most but also took the dragon and although I’m not a huge fan of dragons a good friend of mine is. She got a little simpler version (red yarn on black fabric) in form of a neccessaire as birthday present yesterday. And she liked it:)

    I’m looking foward to your “pattern project”. Good luck!

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