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Bella Mittens: Complete!


Hey, Second Sock Syndrome?


I always feel a inordinate amount of pleasure when I knit the second of something, most likely because it is not uncommon for me to knit the first (sock, glove, mitten, etc), then get totally distracted and never get around to the second.  I have a small, shameful stash of singles waiting for their mate, and thus a completed pair gives me more than the usual pride.

Yay, mittens!  They’re made of a chunky, soft, beautiful wool from Cascade using the Bella’s Mittens (free!) pattern, and Twilight associations aside, I love them.  It was a very straightforward knit for a very warm, comfortable, stylish result and I shall break them in this weekend with an afternoon of ice skating.



Here’s to knitting success!

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  1. 01/27/2011 2:19 PM

    They are beautiful! I haven’t had the second sock syndrome yet with my gloves … I think I’m so happy that I finally finished the first one and made all my mistakes, that I look forward to finishing the second super-fast. :)

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