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T-Shirts to Wrap Skirts: Cutting, part 1


Right away, once I got the measurements I want, I realized there was a problem. You see, those two shirts above? Nowhere near enough fabric.


That’s okay, though.  I purposely picked the blue shirt because I had two of them, unfortunate prizes from bar trivia.  It just meant I’ve have to do a bit more piecing and stitching, and perhaps make the whole thing a touch more patchwork.


So I began.


First, because I am lazy and did not want to unpick the things, I snipped the bottom hems of the t-shirts off (they have since become cat toys). Then I laid the t-shirt flat, and pulled out some chalk and a measuring tape.


If you’ll recall, there were two major measurements needed for this skirt: the height of the skirt, which measured from where the waistband would sit to where the skirt hem would fall; and the width of the skirt, which measured around my hips as far as I wanted the skirt to wrap (including lots of extra overlap).  Let’s call the height of the skirt measurement A, and the width of the skirt measurement B.



Using measurement A, I started from the bottom, measured up, and marked a dotted line at that height all the way around the shirt.  Then I cut it, forming a tube.


Lather, rinse, repeat until I had three tubes (one from each shirt).


I snipped the tubes open, then took one blue and one purple piece and measured just how long they were.  Then I cut chunks out of the third piece to make up the difference between that measurement, and the value of measurement B.  Normally I would add a little extra for seam allowance, but as this is a wrap skirt a half an inch more or less doesn’t make a huge difference in fit.  Thus I ended up with this pile o’ fabric rectangles:



Which, with some quick seaming to make sure I didn’t forget what went where, gave me these for the body of my wrap skirt:



The hard part now is getting long enough pieces for the waistband/ties from the scraps left of the t-shirts.  Too bad I didn’t have three blue shirts.

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  1. 02/12/2011 3:07 PM

    It could be a design feature to have the ties be barberpole-striped using both the blue and the purple

    • 02/19/2011 2:22 PM

      That is such a fantastic idea. Alas, I didn’t notice it until I had already sewn together the waistbands.

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