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Pillow Problem.


When a crafter takes up decorating, a crafter inevitably takes up the crafting of home goods.  In me, this has led to the creation of my own little pillow problem.  Let’s start with the bedroom:



Four big pillows (two down, two not) and one little one.  Oh yeah, and one cat. (There’s always a cat in these pictures, because there’s always a cat following me around my apartment like a little orange shadow.)  Anyway, let’s look closer at that little pillow.



Pretty simple.  Two squares, four seams, a zipper on the back side.  It’s supposed to be 16 inches but I stuffed a much bigger pillow in there after picking it up cheap from IKEA. I even added some piping, look!



I’m kind of proud of the piping.  Sewing piping is not exactly a difficult technique, but still, I don’t think I’ve ever used it before.


But wait, there’s more! I mentioned I have a pillow problem, you know, and one little throw pillow (on top of four other pillows, plus the body pillow you can’t see in this picture- what? what are you looking at?) is hardly enough to qualify as a “problem”.  Let’s examine the couch next, then.



There’s four pillows on this one.  Also, a blanket (I have a blanket problem too) and the inevitable cat with all his inevitable cat fur.  I’m rather proud of these pillows, however- you see, a fair anount of my living room decor revolves around the Hubble Space Telescope. All the pictures Hubble takes, as the result of a taxpayer-funded government project (of AWESOME!) are public domain, and so when I found myself pondering what sort of wall art my geeky little self should acquire, the NASA archives immediately came to mind.  And so first came the walls:



And the matching pillows naturally followed:



They’re pretty on both sides:



The pillows are 16 inches, and were made of fabric printed up for me by Spoonflower on their cotton sateen (and look, you can even get some for your very self!– just make sure you cut it a bit more carefully than I did.  There’s a side or two that’s off center.)


But why, you ask, do I claim to have a problem? It’s simple, really. I look at the six pillows for my bed and the four on that couch up above, and I think “You know what that could use? More pillows.”


Hello.  My name is Tala Cox, and I’m a pillow addict.


And with that, I must leave you again.  You see, there’s this little orange shadow sitting here, and he very obviously thinks I have better things to be doing than blogging, like feeding, petting and/or playing with him.



He’s a demanding thing, but at least he’s cute.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. 10/18/2011 11:58 PM

    I have a pillow problem to lol.

    I love your wall art, that’s a brilliant idea!

    And your cat is sooooooo cute!

  2. Pensnest permalink
    11/17/2011 2:43 AM

    I lust after your cushions. Really fabulous.

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