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I did it again. I got a small pile of makeup and some red paint, and went undead on the world. BRAAAAAAAINS!

Of course, I could hardly stumble my way down to the Denver Zombie Crawl 2011 (held last weekend) alone.  This time, I brought my own little horde:

I did pretty much all the makeup for the group, with the exception of a wound here or a bruise there.  You can tell because I start to repeat motifs after a while: I think just about everyone who could got a gash on the left side of their forehead, and a matching gash on the right side of their neck.   To be fair, by the time I got to person number four (myself included in the count), my hands were cramping.  And hey, I was a zombie! We undead are not exactly the most original thinkers to begin with.

All my various bits of zombie-making advice from last year stand; the only thing I did differently this year was to get a bit more liberal with the application of so-called “thick blood“. It’s shiny and gross and awesome.

And I carried around a severed hand.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We named it “Charles”.

Let the Halloween revelries begin!

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