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Exploring Denver: the Butterfly Pavilion


Okay, so it’s more the Denver Area.  And I’ve been here a year, and I’ve barely got any explorin’ done.  But hey, Denver is far from a 24 hour city, and nowadays I’m most often awake in the wee hours of the morning.


So!  The Butterfly Pavilion!  It’s a cute little place, generally targeting kids but (I think, at least) a great location to spend a couple of hours playing with a camera anyway.  Particularly in the middle of the winter- the pavilion itself is very warm and humid and lovely and a great break from the cold and snow.  You might want to be ready for some macro shots, however. For example:



I’m getting to the point where I feel comfortable shooting with the camera on manual, and I love how much more control I have over my exposure.  Next I hope to work on running the focus manually, and see if I enjoy that as well.



Shooting at the Pavilion, I found myself moving very slowly for fear of stepping on a butterfly.  I mean, the things are everywhere!  My tiny, mincing steps and careful awareness of my own movements, however, allowed me to notice things I think I would have otherwise missed -and perhaps, to get closer than I would otherwise.  I think this tattered little critter was running out of time, though, and probably wouldn’t have flown off if I had been running and screaming.



At one point I made a friend.  I was moving slowly enough that it didn’t seem to bother this guy at all that the leg he/she/it had grabbed on to was actually, well, walking.  Still, I decided to sit down until it flew away.




Corvus factoid: the hibiscus is my favorite flower.  Blame it on a short stint as an island girl in my youth.




I love that little curled-up tongue.



And I think I could sit and watch the butterflies emerge from their cocoons for hours.  Overall, a nice way to spend a morning.

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  1. 02/27/2012 8:10 PM

    Awww that looks like a beautiful place to spend time and take photos.
    I wish they had something like that near me in Australia. I think the closest is in Coffs Harbour, and that’s 6 hours drive from me :(

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