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Greeting Spring


Last weekend was warm -70s every day- and I felt like I was rising from the dead.  I had energy and motivation, excitement and drive!  I did not feel inescapable drawn to my bed, my couch, or my computer chair!  I did stuff!   No, really, honest.  Here, let me tell you:   I went out with friends on Saturday, then went to a joint Yelp/Denver Craft Ninjas event on Sunday, which was awesome.

While waiting for said event I wandered around the Santa Fe Arts District and discovered an adorable little fabric/yarn/etc store (I could not escape without buying fabric- oh noes!).  Then I escaped the Yelp event with a pile of crafts, and stack of cards from some awesome businesses and organizations, and a bottle of Riesling.  Mmm, bottle of Riesling.

Monday I went on my first bike ride of the season, and it was WONDERFUL!  Then I rearranged all the furniture in my apartment (apart from the bedroom, which is kind of un-re-arrangable.   And Tuesday, I hit up the Denver Zoo in the morning and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the afternoon.

In between I finished my birch painting, began planning four or five little trips for the summer months, accomplished some knitting, did a little (unsuccessful so far) thrifting, read a book, started another book, took some lovely bubble baths, cleaned out my refrigerator, filled a bag with stuff for the thrift store, and made serious progress on a major mending project.  I have drawn, I have knitted, I have written, I have painted, I have cooked, I have socialized, I have danced, I have enjoyed and created music.  I even washed my car (and then walked past it three different times in three different parking lots because I didn’t recognize it- d’oh!).   Now, I know, it’s March in Colorado and the winter is not done with me yet.  But I hope spring can forgive me if, in my eagerness and love, I send my greetings a bit prematurely.   This is the life.  And for some reason, I never have the energy for it in the winter.  Someday, southern climes, I’m coming for you.


What about you? How are you greeting the Spring?

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