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The DMNS Project


This is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and I love it.

Any place that greets you with a Tyranosaurus rex the moment you walk in the door gets automatic awesome points.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve gone to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to draw.  The museum, you see, has wings of old-style dioramas, and it’s a lot easier drawing the animals there as versus the ones at the Denver Zoo next door.  After all, the animals at the museum don’t move.  Funny thing is, while I’ve always sketched and drawn and doodled, I think the vast majority of my development as an artist -of my major realizations as to artistic vision and technique- came to me in within those walls.  I owe it a lot, I think (and if you’ve ever embrodiered one of my patterns, hey, tip your hat to the museum yourself).

When I moved to Denver it didn’t take me long to get a membership.  And one day, when wandering the halls I knew so well (so well, in fact, that I regularly find myself giving other people information, directions and even impromptu tours), I decided I wanted to draw every single diorama.  Methodically.  Until I was sure I’d done them all.

There’s a lot of dioramas.

I bought a sketchbook specifically for that purpose and also because I have a blank book problem, then attached a map inside the front cover (so I can mark what I’ve done, of course) and off I went!  Two down so far:

A mountain goat.

And a pair of kangaroos.

That leaves oh, around 88  to go.  And that’s if I only get one picture for diorama.  Luckily, I’ve got a lot more pages in my little book.

Unluckily, my membership just expired, and I’ve got to wait a paycheck or two before I can renew it.  Alas!

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  1. Gaby permalink
    04/24/2012 8:46 PM

    That sounds like an excellent place :) good luck with the remaining 88 dioramas!


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