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Cataloging Ideas



Since around 2009, most of my crafty ideas -for things to sew, things to knit, things to bead- have ended up in this battered composition notebook.



Recently I was thumbing through its pages, and realized I wanted something a bit more… formal.  In particular I wanted something I could attach swatches and strings and bits of my craft stashes to without causing the book to fall utterly and completely apart.  You see, as beloved as it may be, my composition notebook is inching its way towards total structural collapse even without my gluing in lots of stuff to stress the spine.


My mission thus decided, I went to Target and picked up a cute three-ring binder and a pack of 8×10 white cardstock (I wanted pages more substantial than the usual paper- the better to stick stuff to), went to town with a three-hole punch, and here’s what I ended up with:




I threw together a quick coverpage to establish the style I plan to draw in (ink outline, light tinting with colored pencil):


And now I’m ready to go!  The first page I put together is for Elizabeth Zimmerman’s famous (infamous?) Baby Surprise Sweater/Jacket:



I used a holepunch to dig a couple of holes and tied a bit of the intended yarn through said holes in a cute bow, then glued in the actual ball band to keep the fiber information handy (I solemnly swear I will never lose another ballband and have to guess at fiber content/dye lot AGAIN).  The envelope holds the pattern, which in this case is a purchased physical copy and thus is something I do NOT want to lose, since I can’t just print a new one.  I’m hoping to glue in a picture of the finished product too, probably on the back of the page, and thus make a real complete record of the project from idea to product.  It’s like a real world craftblog!


Woah.  Is this what primitive pre-internet people did?  You know, like me when I was a kid?  Yeah, that’s right youngins, I pre-date the intertubes.  But not by much.


I’m still going to keep the composition notebook, but I’m hoping this will help me keep better track of my various stashes.  And, hopefully, I’ll never lose another ballband or forget what a chunk of pretty fabric is for again!


Speaking of the Baby Surprise Sweater, I’m still working away at it.  It turned out I had miscounted some stitches far enough back that it was easier to rip the whole thing out and restart rather than try and fix it, and in the process of restarting the targeted baby has been born.  I’ve thus entered knitting cram mode.  Knit, little aching hands!  Knit like the  wind!

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  1. 05/02/2012 10:49 AM

    Ha, you did not come up with this awesome idea, I did, I just haven’t showed mine to anyone yet. Great minds think alike! :) will blog mine some day… :)

  2. 06/25/2012 6:48 PM

    I am doing this for my knitting (I am a newbie) AND one to supplement my Huge Ass Mondo Embroidery Sampler Hanging (HAMESH) that follows the lessons from TAST from sharon b’s PinTangle site ( The knitting one will have my yarn and project info, like yours and samples of my progress.
    The embroidery one will document (pictures and samples) what doesn’t go on the sampler.

    Years and years ago, I had the loveliest book of patterns, drawings, samples, etc from when I learned to Tablet Weave. I miss that book so bad, but it got left behind during my divorce. I heard my first husband BURNED all those things! My tablet weaving book and projects, all my papers and projects from 4 years of college, including my documentation on warp weighted looms and tablet weaving and my drawings and paintings from 2 years worth of costume design classes. Jealous from having no talent, I guess.

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