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I draw octopus.



I may not have posted a lot of cephalopodic awesome around here lately, but don’t think that means I don’t draw them everywhere.  On everything.  In every spare second I have.



At work, there’s a lot of processes with tiny bits of dead time built in.  You do some work, then you spin said work for 30 or 60 seconds (and those seconds take forever after a while), then you repeat that a few times.  You do more work, then you wash something or incubate something for a couple of minutes.  Sure, there’s a lot of incubations that give you time to go work on something else -thirty minutes, an hour- and I’m a paragon of responsible worker then, but when you’ve just got to wait long enough for the PRISM to initialize five channels, it’s going to be done and waiting for more input by the time you’ve walked to the other side of the lab.  We’re talking blank instants.


But still, even in those little gasps of time, I get bored.  And I doodle.



I am not only known for octopus on the internet.  I am known for them, and other cephalopodic glory, in the lab.



I am so known for them that recently, when once coworker playing another on Draw Something got the word tentacle, they made an attempt at a tentacle, then labeled it “Tala” to make sure the point got across.



I am so known for them that I have inspired other coworkers to add some cephalopodic goodness of their own to the laboratory environment, sometimes next to my own:



And sometimes all on their own:



Just call me Queen of the Octopus.  And if you’re bored today?  I’ve got a challenge for you.  Draw, or knit, or sew, or otherwise make an octopus.  Even if it takes you thirty seconds, create a paean to our be-tentacled lords of the deep. C’mon. Do me proud.



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  1. modmischief permalink
    05/08/2012 10:28 AM

    Thanks! I took up your challenge and drew myself a little octopus. He’s keeping me company on a post-it and the work day feels better already!

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