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Denver Craft Ninjas: Felt Flowers


Look what I made!



They’re flowers.  Made of felt.  See?



I made them with the Denver Craft Ninjas in the basement of my almost-favorite dive bar.  There were drinks and chocolate and glue guns and glitter.  Good times.



I think I made the fluffiest flower in the group.  I spent a whole hour just cutting out the layers (and drinking and eating and chatting, of course).  It was supposed to be a mum, but I think if you did it in white or pink it would make a beautiful lotus.


Maybe with longer, pointier petals.


Moving on! There was non-felt fabric too, and when faced with a “supply: fabric, prompt: flowers” situation, there’s one thing I can spit out like nobody’s business.



My little kanzashi bobby pin now adorns my black fedora, along with a healthy and inevitable amount of cat fur.  I was going to photoshop out the cat fur, but then I decided on PHOTOGRAPHIC HONESTY! Or maybe just laziness.  I get those mixed up.



Yes, I have to specify WHICH fedora I put it on, because I have multiple fedoras.  Doesn’t everyone?

Of course, once I found a cool group to join that meets on one of my days off, my manager offered me the Sunday-Wednesday schedule.  This means I’d have every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off: awesome for me, but not so awesome for the Corvus/Denver Craft Ninjas Sunday afternoon troo luv.

Still, maybe I can fit a few more in before the switchover happens.

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