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Practicing Photography: Birthday Camping


So I went on this trip in August, and am only now posting.  Umm, oops?

Have you ever been to Moab?  Or that area of Utah in general (there’s some great BLM canyoneering roundabouts Green River)?  If not, you should go.  It’s AMAZING, and there’s something for everyone.

Moab’s a bit of an outdoor mecca, complete with the huge tourist influx.  To the north of town you find Arches National Park; to the southeast, Canyonlands National Park.

Arches is beautiful but busy:

Canyonlands is awe-inspiring and remote:

(But also full of tourists.  Y’know, tourists like me and mine. Just not so many as Arches.)

We camped at Jaycee Park, which is down along the Wall Street area.

(Hmm, I wonder why they call it Wall Street.)

(Not really.  Kind of obvious.)

And hey, look close in the bottom left of that last picture.  See it?

Petroglyphs!  Getting all that history in my geology!

We spent one of the hotter afternoons playing in the Colorado.  Achievement unlocked: learn to skip rocks!

My birthday falls on August 14th.  Yearly, early-to-mid August, there’s the Perseid Meteor shower.  Attempts to watch the meteor shower have led me to establish a tradition of birthday camping.

Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of meteor sightings out there in the desert.  The nights were fairly cloudy; on the last night, it even poured rain (for hours!).  This did not stop the days from being mind-numbingly hot, of course, but did keep me from playing with astrophotography (which was one of my goals for the trip- oh well, next time).

Since I didn’t manage to bring you any awesome meteor pictures, please allow me to link you to this timelapse from Joshua Tree National Park, by Henry Juh Wah Lee.  And hey, maybe I should have just stayed in Denver.



Where should I birthday camp next year?  I’m thinking the Pacific Coast, though that’ll be a bit more expensive a trip than Moab.  Still, ocean!

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