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Crown of Spikes (plus tutorial!) (plus outfit!)


I made myself a headband.

It is a Badass +10 headband. Rawr.

It’s wanna-be leather with 1-inch steel spikes and ties on with some pretty stretch lace, which makes it surprisingly secure. It took all of  an hour to make, and then only because I wasn’t really focusing on it.  And it looks AWESOME!   I get stopped in the bar, at the show, on the street by people who want to talk about my headband.

Which is weird, but hey.

So!  Let’s make you one.  You’ll need the following:

1) A thin belt that your sewing machine (or hand sewing) can handle. Depending on the belt and the machine, you might need a heavy-duty or leather needle.  I got my belt for a buck at Goodwill.

2) 1-inch cone spikes, or other spikes/studs to your liking.  I shop here, and the specific spikes I used are here.  If you’re going to use studs refer to this post for directions on attaching them; in THIS post, we’re attaching via the included screws.

3) Matching elastic or lace or ribbon or something you can tie in a bow.  I went for the best of all worlds and settled on stretch lace, which is not pictured above because I was going to use the picot elastic first and changed my mind mid-craft. Maker’s prerogative.

As for tools, you’ll need a sewing machine (or hand sewing skills), something pointy like an awl (I used one blade off of a pair of scissors, which is probably just asking for massive hand trauma and blood everywhere and all, so don’t be like me) and a screwdriver.  Pretty simple set-up, no?

Oh yeah!  And a measuring tape.

Let’s start with the measuring tape.  Measure around your head where you want the headband to sit.  Subtract 4 or so inches, so there’s a gap at the back, and cut a chunk of your belt that length.

Cut two lengths of elastic/lace that will be long enough to tie once attached to your headband, and stitch one end of one piece to one end of the headband.  Repeat with the other piece/other end of the headband.

My lace was significantly wider than the actual headband, so I folded it into thirds before I stitched it on.  Stitch securely, and you’ll get this:

Tie it on to check the fit and feel all pretty.  Good?  Good.  Now, still wearing it, mark where you want your spikes to start.  If you start too far down the sides of your head, they’re just going to get all tangled in your hair or stab your shoulders when you shrug. I started just above my ear.

Next off each inch (or however far you want your spikes apart) between the first marks you made while wearing the headband, then check to make sure that those marks are centered on the headband width-wise, because no one wants off-center spikes.

Finally you get to stab holes where you’ve marked, making sure they’re wide enough to fit the shaft of the screw from your spike.  Then simply screw them on!

Tighten the screws with the screwdriver to make sure you don’t have any falling off at inopportune moments, and that’s it!  You’re ready to fend off crowdsurfers, headbutt jerks (not really. Please don’t do that), and generally be awesome and fashionable with your crown of spikes.

Totally the bleeding point of fashion.  Sometimes literally, if you’re not careful. Speaking of awesome, here’s one way I’ve worn my handmade:

Dress: Twinkling Stars Dress from

Undershirt and Belt from Target

Shoes: MIA Viking wedge sandals, found on eBay

Tights: Sheer Star Tights from

Headband crafted by yours truly out of metal bits and pure awesome.

Yeah, I know, not the best location for a picture, but hey!  It was three AM, which rather limits where I’m willing to set my camera up and walk away from it.  Three AMis is also one of the few times I’m awake to take such pictures (I am, for example, writing this post at 4AM).

If you make yourself a headband, I’d love to see how you wear it!

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  1. 10/04/2012 5:14 AM

    too fun! love it…the entire outfit is fabulous!

    • 10/06/2012 8:43 AM

      Why thank you! Fabulous seems like a good look to shoot for.

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