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Super Spooky Samhain Sunday Song Spectacular!


Sorry, couldn’t resist. And yes, I know it’s Monday- sorry, I slept 12 hours yesterday.  Onwards!

Have I ever mentioned I like Halloween?  Because I do.  Really like.  Halloween.

I was at a party downtown Saturday night, and I’ve got to say, as much fun as I had and as great as the people I went with were, good lord did the DJs need some help.  Seriously, I know it’s a club atmosphere,  but YAWN.  Also, HALLOWEEN.  Time for some serious diversification of soundtrack.  So here I give you not one but eight songs this Sunday, to put you in the proper… spirit.

Just go here.

(Also, note to random dude in a bride’s dress and his assorted bridesmaids:  I know it’s a club/hotel and Halloween, but c’mon.  Show a little class if you want to impress me.  And get your hand off my butt.)

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  1. Kamil permalink
    12/08/2012 9:56 AM

    the mix was super spooky… I’m sorry to hear about the bride-guy. that’s not something, someone that shows originallity should do.

    • 12/11/2012 11:46 AM

      It’s typical of the crowd in that part of town, though. C’est la vie.

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