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Bubo scandiacus: My Snowy Owl Costume


Happy Halloween!  This year I am (well, was- I work tonight) an owl.





But a different one this time.



Sundries and Plunder, who made my Great Horned Owl mask, also happens to make a Snowy Owl mask.  And, completionist that I am, I wanted to make matching costumes.

I followed much the same plan-of-attack as for the Great Horned Owl costume, only with slightly nicer fabric.   There’s a dress, sewn from Simplicity 9508, and a set of wings with knitting-needle tips, and a feathered headdress, and the mask.  I added some tights this time (there are yellow tights for the Great Horned Owl costume; and a new, nicer dress too).



At one point, leaving a party, I had the mask off, and some drunk man yelled “Are you from Narnia?”  It didn’t take long after that for my friends to decide that, while I was not a Narnian creature, I was from Hogwarts.  And thus I became Hedwig for the rest of the night.



Should I have occasion to throw together a couple’s costume at some point, someone’s going to get stuck as Harry Potter.



Did you make your costume this year?  What were you?

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  1. 10/31/2012 12:18 PM

    That is supremely awesome. Those scalloped wings are great!

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