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The Snowflake (aka Dragon’s Winter Coat)


Merry Christmanukkwanzwhatever!  I hope you’re having a lovely day, because I am not.  I worked last night, I’m on call today, and I work tonight. And tomorrow night. And it sucks.  But you know what? The money ain’t bad, and I’m going to take the first day I have off this week and spoil Mishto and myself silly and call it Christmas. So weep not for me, because my day will come.


Well, maybe you could weep a little.  Y’know, for my noble suffering and all.  Maybe just a sniffle.


Still, for most of you, I’d bet that today is the big day.  And hey, look! I got you something!  Careful, though.  She’s one of the challenging ones.





A wintry dragon investigates a snowflake. I imagine she has to hold her breath, lest she melt it.


Per usual, click through for the full-res (and with all the fiddly furry detail, I’m betting bigger will be easier).  I release these free bits of line art under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

You are allowed and indeed encouraged to do whatever you want with the piece(s) (use, reuse, abuse, remix, share, and of course, embroider), just follow these two simple rules:

1) Give me credit (a link back is always appreciated- that way, everyone else knows they can use it too)
2) Don’t make a profit off any use or modification of my work.

To be fair, I won’t sue you or anything if you don’t give me credit- I’ll just feel all hurt, and no one wants that.  Also to be fair, should you really want to use them in a profit-making venture (ie: stitch it on something you then sell in your etsy store, use it as a print for your own fabric line, etc.), talk to me and maybe we can work something out so everybody wins.  Should you want to say thanks, leave a comment and/or tell a friend or six, or show me what you do with it ’cause that’s all sort of inspiring.

You can find a reminder/introduction to embroidery, including basic stitches and a by-no-means exhaustive list of methods of transferring patterns to fabric in this post (there’s also a good round-up here and another one here). You can find the rest of my patterns under the Embroidery Patterns category.


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  1. Kamil permalink
    12/30/2012 8:46 AM

    I loved the dragon…. she really boosted my morale. And I hope you’ll start the new year in a bether way. i wish you a late merry christmas


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