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52 Weeks Project: January


I decided this would be more fun if I did a monthly post, rather than a weekly one.  Less to clog your feeds, more to look at when you do look, yeah?

(That’s not true at all.  Actually, I got real busy with work and apartment hunting and food poisoning and, while I took pictures, I pretty much didn’t take them off my camera for a month.  But it sounds nicer the first way, doesn’t it?)

For those new to the concept, a 52 week project is a lightened-up version of the 365 project: I take a picture a week, for the whole year.  Now, I take a lot more pictures than that, but most of them aren’t very good.  My goal was to take a picture a week that I liked.

That’s a much higher hill to climb.

So here’s January:


Week 1: Lanterns at the Denver Zoo’s holiday light event.



Week 2: A feather. Experimenting with deliberate overexposure in an attempt to convey softness.




Week 3: This is not a chameleon.  For one thing, look at the feet.

The reptile house at the zoo is my favorite on cold days.  Indeed, my favorite picture of 2012 came out of there.




Week 4:  This is why I get no sewing done.  Could’t possibly wake him up, you know. He’s too cute for that.


And some experiments which have not matured into quality pictures yet, but which I hope to play with more this year:




Long exposure of myself, playin’ on my violin.  I like the effect, though I want to hold the actual instrument steadier, so all the blur is in the bowing arm.  Which might require I not actually play a song, and where’s the fun in that?


It’d be interesting to do different songs in front of a neutral background (and with an expensive lighting studio- sigh, I dream).  Does Bach look different from, say, Gassoc?  Is Paganini anything more than a giant fuzzy blur?


Look, I made a GIF!  This is a toadfish, and he makes me want to play with stop motion animation. And use a tripod next time. Maybe I can just claim it’s a toadfish in an earthquake?


What’s your favorite picture you took this month?

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  1. 08/17/2013 2:36 PM

    Love the feather and you on the violin.

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