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Oh, hello.



I think I like that neighborhood.


Bubo scandiacus: My Snowy Owl Costume


Happy Halloween!  This year I am (well, was- I work tonight) an owl.





But a different one this time.



Sundries and Plunder, who made my Great Horned Owl mask, also happens to make a Snowy Owl mask.  And, completionist that I am, I wanted to make matching costumes.

I followed much the same plan-of-attack as for the Great Horned Owl costume, only with slightly nicer fabric.   There’s a dress, sewn from Simplicity 9508, and a set of wings with knitting-needle tips, and a feathered headdress, and the mask.  I added some tights this time (there are yellow tights for the Great Horned Owl costume; and a new, nicer dress too).



At one point, leaving a party, I had the mask off, and some drunk man yelled “Are you from Narnia?”  It didn’t take long after that for my friends to decide that, while I was not a Narnian creature, I was from Hogwarts.  And thus I became Hedwig for the rest of the night.



Should I have occasion to throw together a couple’s costume at some point, someone’s going to get stuck as Harry Potter.



Did you make your costume this year?  What were you?

Super Spooky Samhain Sunday Song Spectacular!


Sorry, couldn’t resist. And yes, I know it’s Monday- sorry, I slept 12 hours yesterday.  Onwards!

Have I ever mentioned I like Halloween?  Because I do.  Really like.  Halloween.

I was at a party downtown Saturday night, and I’ve got to say, as much fun as I had and as great as the people I went with were, good lord did the DJs need some help.  Seriously, I know it’s a club atmosphere,  but YAWN.  Also, HALLOWEEN.  Time for some serious diversification of soundtrack.  So here I give you not one but eight songs this Sunday, to put you in the proper… spirit.

Just go here.

(Also, note to random dude in a bride’s dress and his assorted bridesmaids:  I know it’s a club/hotel and Halloween, but c’mon.  Show a little class if you want to impress me.  And get your hand off my butt.)

Cheshire Pumpkin


Tis the season!




My carving tools included those cheap little saws they sell in pumpkin carving kits, some little linocut bits without the handle, because I’ve mislaid the handle (d’oh!), and an Xacto knife.



Largely unrelated story: when I was a little kid, I used to do model (and eventually, high-powered) rocketry.  I once took part in a test group for a major manufacturer in the field, wherein a pack of kids built a pre-market rocket kit, to see if it was something a pack of kids could understand and build before they started selling it.  I was one of the younger kids in the group, and had always been rather self-conscious and unable to ask for help or admit my own failings (I may or may not have grown out of this).  On one part, I was trying to shave a little flange of plastic off the form (for to make it pretty!) and my hand slipped, and I stabbed myself in the palm with an Xacto knife.

It was a bad wound; the knife went in to the handle and I know I stared at my hand opened-mouthed for more than a moment as the blood welled out and ran down my wrist.  But I didn’t want anyone to know that the little kid had screwed up, so I wiped off the blade (and the rocket, and the table, and the floor) and did my best to hide it.

It bled for more than an hour.

I don’t know how I succeeded in hiding it- there was plenty of adult supervision.  I even hid it once I went back home; to this day I don’t think my mother knows I stabbed myself.

I was an odd child. And I suspect scarred hands are the mark of a creative soul.




Also, valuable learning experience! After all, I’m much better with Xacto knives now.

Denver Zombie Crawl 2012


Yay October!




While I think the crowd was smaller than last year (and certainly smaller than the year before), it’s still a lot of fun.  It’s a bit less of an organized zombie crawl, I think, and more a six-block-all-night Zombie Party.


Which is awesome, of course.





My friends are starting to get as used to me sticking a camera lens in their faces as my cat is.  What? I like to get in close.  Fill the frame!  Fill the frame!


I played makeup artist again, though for a significantly smaller group.  We met up with much larger groups once we got downtown.




Next year, I think I might start trying out actual sfx prostheses. Any tips?


Sunday Song



Painted Elephant


I find the interactions between elephants and humans to be fascinating.  The studies and stories are uplifting and heartbreaking in turn, and the more we learn about the last trio of holdout species from a family that once spanned the globe, the more questions we find ourselves faced with.

Here’s one for you to ponder today:

Given that Asian Elephants recognize their own reflections, do the painted elephants of India ever catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror or shiny surfaces or still waters and think “Damn, I look good!“?



Click through for the full-res.  I release these free bits of line art under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

You are allowed and indeed encouraged to do whatever you want with the piece(s) (use, reuse, abuse, remix, share, and of course, embroider), just follow these two simple rules:

1) Give me credit (a link back is always appreciated- that way, everyone else knows they can use it too)
2) Don’t make a profit off any use or modification of my work.

To be fair, I won’t sue you or anything if you don’t give me credit- I’ll just feel all hurt, and no one wants that.  Also to be fair, should you really want to use them in a profit-making venture (ie: stitch it on something you then sell in your etsy store, use it as a print for your own fabric line, etc.), talk to me and maybe we can work something out so everybody wins.  Should you want to say thanks, leave a comment and/or tell a friend or six, or show me what you do with it ’cause that’s all sort of inspiring.

You can find a reminder/introduction to embroidery, including basic stitches and a by-no-means exhaustive list of methods of transferring patterns to fabric in this post (there’s also a good round-up here and another one here). You can find the rest of my patterns under the Embroidery Patterns category.

It’s been a while since we’ve had an embroidery pattern, eh?  I’ve lacked inspiration, I guess.  Got any ideas out there?