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It’s raining studs.


Red is one of my favorite colors, so back in my job search day when I ran into a red suit at the thrift store I figured what the hell, why not.

Not one of my more inspired ideas, let me tell you.  When I got home I quickly realized it made me look like an overly matchy-matchy cheap realtor.  Still, red blazer.  I like red, and I’m a big fan of blazers as everyday sorts of wear, so it should have still been a good buy.  For some reason, though, it just wasn’t getting much use from me.  I don’t know- I suppose I felt that, as bold and bright a red as it is, it’s still a little… boring.  If you’re going to wear something that yells “look at me!”, like a bright red suit jacket, you should probably give them something worth looking at, y’know?  Like something sparkly!

I did a little figuring on the layout…

And a few weeks of stabbing holes and bending points later in my spare minutes later, I had a whole new jacket.


So what do you think?  Cute?  Realtor? “I just found my grandma’s bedazzler (and my grandma was BADASS)”?

When I woke up a few weeks back ready to work on this project I was all ready to shoot a little mini-tutorial on how to attach the studs, and this thing popped up over at A Beautiful Mess.  So, that saves me some photographing!  The only thing add is some alternative marking methods.  One I’ve used to mark where I want to make cuts in the fabric is rubbing the tips on the stud on a piece of chalk, then pushing them against the fabric where I want the stud to sit.  Quick, easy, and it leaves me two little chalk dust dots exactly where I need to cut.  If I don’t have the patience for that, I’ll just press the stud down really hard where I want it to sit and then mark the two dents the legs make with a marker before I move the fabric.

If you want to stud the heck out of your own clothes and just what to know where I get my studs, look no further.

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